Never Despise Small Beginnings

Whenever you start or try something new the task can seem overwhelming as you may still be learning the skills, figuring out the routine or learning all the new information that is required. 

You may feel that there is so much to learn or do, that the task is too big to achieve. In these times it is good to be reminded to never despise small beginnings. Zechariah 4:10 states “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

Recently my husband and I went to show sheep at the Bendigo Agricultural Show as Wiltshire Horns were the feature breed. We have only been in the sheep game for three years so we were definitely the rookies on the block. Especially when your sheep walk out of a horse float not a sheep trailer!  
However the other breeders who have been in the sheep game between 10 and 20 years were so generous with their time, sharing knowledge and encouragement to the ‘rookies’ that it was an amazing experience and has spurred us on in our quest to create a Wiltshire Horn Stud. 

Small steps of learning build a solid foundation to stand firm and bring to fruition larger projects or events. 

The Prekinder program has been running this term to help the Kinders of 2024 get acquainted with BIG school. These small steps of recognising their name, using correct pencil grip, showing the 5 Ls and making new friends with the help of their Year 5 buddies are all very important small steps to make a solid foundation for their educational journey. 

The Year 7 Orientation program creates the small steps of learning for Year 6 students from one teacher and one classroom in Primary School, to multiple teachers and multiple classrooms in High School, while also learning how to read a timetable and be in the right place at the right time. Small steps to build a solid foundation to continue their learning journey.

This week the Year 12 students held their graduation dinner, a celebration of all these small steps coming to fruition. They begin the next leg of small steps as they navigate life after school, building another solid foundation of small steps to stand on. 

Jesus is also all about small steps, one day at a time with Him, to build a foundation for life that is solid, standing on Him. 

So whatever learning journey you find yourself on, whatever the next project, task or event you hope to achieve – start with the small steps and do not despise them.


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