I Need Toilet Paper!

What have you made of all the recent Coronavirus coverage? Has there been too much or too little? Is it all sensationalism, well justified or somewhere in the middle perhaps? Has it left you feeling concerned or cynical? What have you made of the toilet paper shortage? Were you someone who started stockpiling precious white gold?! Whatever your take, I am confident that all of us have found ourselves impacted in some way. 


Like many of you, I have sat back and watched with keen interest at how different sections of society respond to events such as these. My observations have perhaps left me with more questions than answers, and I certainly don’t have any world altering advice to offer you now. All I would say is that in the midst of crisis, let’s be people of faith, substance, strong character and wisdom. Let’s not shift from our core mission which is to look after each other, to be kind and demonstrate the love of God in tangible ways. When the world gets a little crazy, let’s dig a little deeper and offer a response that ensures we are helping to make the world a little better for someone, and not a little worse. 

I am so proud to be part of the PCS community. It is in times like these that I hope all of us can step back from the media coverage, apply a little perspective and choose not to live in fear, but rather with common sense. I know that if we all do that, then we have a far better chance of navigating events such as these and coming out the other side as better people than when we went in. 

So, share a roll of toilet paper if you need to, remember to wash your hands, follow the health warnings and remember to be kind. The world needs you! 

Have a great week PCS.


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