A Most Effective Cricket Season!

After 5 Test matches, 42 Big Bash games and a handful of international One Day and T20 matches, the summer of cricket has nearly come to an end. I must admit that the full immersion approach to get my boys interested in cricket seems to have paid dividends. On the weekend I found myself removing the rather picturesque tree from the middle of our backyard along with mowing in a cricket pitch (all at my boys’ request)! My Dad would be extremely proud! In amongst the run outs, off spinners and the odd tantrum, I definitely took a few moments to sit back and enjoy seeing my boys getting excited about learning something new and challenging.

As a young boy, I remember spending countless hours with my Dad bowling to me and my brothers. Sessions sometimes lasted for hours it seemed, ball after ball and always with a small piece of advice attached; move your feet, get that elbow up, don’t be afraid of the ball! Regardless of how I performed, I always walked away knowing that Dad had given me every opportunity to learn and grow, the rest was now up to me. I may have never played for Australia, but I can sure play a mean game in the backyard!

In education, we are motivated by the success of your children. The circumstances are different and the outcomes are always changing, but as teachers, our motivation is challenging students in order to see them move forward with confidence, knowledge and skills. At PCS, we spend countless hours with your most precious possessions. Our job is to partner with you to motivate, challenge and equip your children so that they can move with confidence and excitement into life after school. Due to the size of our classes, one of the advantages we hold is in being able to tailor schooling to meet the individual needs of each student. We may not be bowling cricket balls, but we are getting alongside our students and putting in the time to help each individual achieve their goals. As parents, you are so welcome to come and meet with us to help us better understand your child and what makes them tick. The greater the partnership we can establish, the greater the chance we have of seeing our students grow into the fine young men and women that they are called to be.

So enjoy these last couple moments of the cricket season, and don’t miss the opportunity to help us work effectively with your children. For us at PCS, they are the reason we are here.

Have a great week!

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