Captain Australia and a Change in Student Leadership

Last week at PCS we had a change in student leadership; which was a significant event for more than one reason. Ever since our male Captain Ethan Peters has been with us, he has been open about his ambitions to join the armed forces in some capacity and serve his country. After a lengthy application and testing process, Ethan was successful in his bid to join the Army as an aircraft technician! Congratulations Ethan! The smile on his face was evidence of Ethan’s relief and excitement at being granted this life-changing opportunity.

It is a bittersweet moment when moments like this occur for our senior students. We miss our students when they leave, however, the reason we exist is to prepare and partner with students to help them achieve their goals. For some students that happens with an HSC certificate at the end of Year 12, for others, it is an apprenticeship in Year 11 or even employment in an area of interest to them. In Ethan’s case, it was an entry into the Armed Forces to begin an exciting career in serving Australia. We are all proud of you Ethan and know you will do an exceptional job.

What can we do at PCS to help your child achieve their goals? As a smaller school we, have greater flexibility to tailor education to suit your child’s needs, particularly in the senior years. From the time spent setting the solid academic foundation in our junior years; through to partnering with you to instil strong personal characteristics, skills and knowledge through to the high school years; as a K-12 staff, we always have the endgame in mind. We are here for each individual student, to assist them in whatever it is they desire to do after school. Each student has a different journey and a different destination. God did not make us all the same; what a relief! He makes us diverse with different abilities, gifts, desires and personalities. The challenge for us as a school is to recognise these differences and encourage individuality, not stifle it.

So, it is with great pleasure that I announce Isaac Westcott as our new male School Captain and Elly Collins as our new Vice Captain! Isaac has been faithfully serving as our male Vice Captain and Elly faithfully serving on our SRC. We warmly welcome Isaac and Elly into their new roles and know they will both do an outstanding job. They will bring different characteristics and skills to the role, which is the exciting part. I can’t wait to see how Isaac and Elly operate in senior student leadership. There will be challenges for sure, however, the one certainty is, PCS, Isaac and Elly will be richer for the experience.

Have a great week everyone!


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