Year 13

Well for the Year 12 class of 2018, their time at school has come and gone. Thirteen years of education was officially wrapped up with an incredible graduation evening last Friday night. The class looked sensational and the evening was filled with great speeches and plenty of laughs. Thank you to Katrina Harris and Belinda Westcott for all the work that went into making the evening what it was. It was a fitting way to mark the end of an era for our departing Year 12 class. The question is, what happens now?

At PCS we are committed to our Year 13 transition program where we work with the departing class in the twelve months post school to help transition them into whatever comes next. Whether it be university, apprenticeships, traineeships or employment, we are committed to helping our graduates beyond their HSC exams. For us, education isn’t just teaching the curriculum well, it is seeing our students motivated, prepared and transitioned into whatever it is they want to do after school. To that end, I would like to share some words written by Greg Ballantyne when interviewed for an upcoming news article re Year 13.

We work hard to build positive relationships with universities state wide and apply through early-entry schemes. This allows universities to see our students for who they really are – outstanding young men and women with a focus on community and having good character – rather than just a mark or rank on a piece of paper. The offers made to this year’s class means that the school has maintained its perfect record of gaining university offers to all students who apply. As a school we focus on the character of each student. We give them opportunities to show their generosity, compassion, dedication and leadership abilities – universities and employers are looking for young people with these qualities. Being a smaller school also allows the staff to work with each student to help them achieve their goals – whether that be in the workforce, entering the Armed Forces, or further study. Each senior student works with a staff mentor to help guide their transition into Year 13. We know how to harness their interests and strengths to help them achieve their dreams when they leave school. If university is the goal, we help them choose their courses, write applications and work on study skills that will maximise their academic performance and prepare them for independent study. However, if students want to transition into the workforce or a traineeship, we help them by organising work placements, writing references and using our community contacts to secure employment. Just this week we’ve had Year 12 students coming back to school and working with their mentors on job applications and interview skills. These students have already received job offers or interviews. However, the hard work doesn’t stop here for the staff of PCS. Just because the students have left school doesn’t mean we’re not still here for them. The student mentors are still available to give advice, help with any questions about university or the workforce, or just be there to listen in the tough times. Getting the students through the HSC is just one small part of education as far as we’re concerned. Helping students achieve their goals and teaching them skills for life and the importance of character and integrity is a big part of why we’re here.

Well said Mr Ballantyne. A huge shout out and well done to our HSC teachers for the work you have put into this class.

Congratulations Year 12 of 2018. We are so proud of you, but more importantly, you should be proud of yourselves. What an outstanding group of young men and women you are. You are sure to bless many as you move into Year 13.

Have a great week everyone!


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