Forbes Eisteddfod

It was an exciting day for some PCS students on Thursday, as they travelled to Forbes to compete in the Forbes Eisteddfod. The K-2 choir was up first and were complimented by the adjudicator on their discipline and the way they looked on stage. They performed ‘Ask, Seek, Knock’ and ‘Sing, sing a song’ to a very appreciative audience. K-2 was awarded a Highly Commended for their work, and would like to particularly thank Mrs Georgia Mayo, who accompanied the choir and gave her time for many practices.

The senior choir, made up of a small group of students from Year 4 to Year 9, led by Mr Brown, performed two beautifully contrasting pieces, ‘The lion and the lamb’, and the Beatles ballad ‘She’s leaving home”. The adjudicator was very impressed by the performances, commenting that the second piece brought tears to her eyes. She was pleased with the way the students carried themselves and their work in the higher register. They were awarded first place.

Year 2 competed in the choral speech section, reciting two contrasting poems; a set piece ‘Frank the friendly alien’, and ‘Home among the gum trees’. Year 2 was complimented on their diction in the second piece and their memory skills. The winning group scored 94 and PCS Year 2 was awarded a Highly Commended with a mark of 92.

Well done PCS students we are all very proud of your achievements! Our Eisteddfod performances continue this Wednesday when the High School Dance Crew will take part in the Senior Dance Division.

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