2020 Kindergarten Class

Seventeen Kindergarteners have started their schooling at PCS this year. Kinder began their first day listening to the story ‘The Koala Who Could’, learning to have a go when things are new to them. They enjoyed learning and demonstrating lots of things like how stories have a beginning, middle and end, and cutting and pasting three pictures in order of the story events. Kinder also practised counting and writing numbers using whiteboards and ladybirds, explored the school library with Miss Barrass and borrowed books to read at home, and they enjoyed having fun making new friends and playing on the playground equipment together. Kindergarten had a fabulous first day with their teacher Mrs Melhuish with help from Mrs Richards.

On the second day, Kindergarten participated in the PCS K-12 Swimming Carnival. They splished and splashed during fun novelties races in the shallow pool. It was a great way to show off our house colours and work with students in the same sporting house.

It’s safe to say Kindergarten had a wonderful first two days of BIG school!

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