Student Leadership

We are very pleased to announce our two most recent additions to the student leadership team for 2020. Samuel Quince and Angelique Bland have been voted in by their peers to represent Year 7 on the 2020 SRC.

The SRC has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and the student leaders take their responsibilities very seriously. They are often the first point of contact for parents and visitors that attend school events, and work tirelessly behind the scenes to raise funds for the school community.

Both Samuel and Angelique are new additions to our student leadership group, having not served on leadership at our school before. Indeed, Samuel has obviously made an impression on his classmates, as he only started at PCS at the start of the year!

The complete team is:
High school captains: Laura Cabban and Sophie Field.
High school vice-captains: Josh Barnard and Tanya Onserio.
Primary captains: Lachlan Unger and Ruby Wilson.
Primary vice-captains: Ashton Boland and Suzanne Smit.

Year 12: Ally Francis and Caleb Nash.
Year 11: Thomas Unger, William Greenland, Laura Hall-Matthews.
Year 10: Nick Unger, Leilani Lavaka.
Year 9: Bella Gould, Toby Field.
Year 8: Mitchell Unger, Matilda Wilson.
Year 7: Samuel Quince, Angelique Bland.

(Pictured: New Year 7 SRC Representatives; Angelique Bland and Samuel Quince)

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