Meet Year 10

Year 10 have had a fantastic start to the year. There have been new students join the class. The new students have worked well in their new class, bringing new ideas and perspectives to each lesson.

Year 10 have participated in a range of excursions such as the Sydney excursion, the PASS class has been to the gym, Agriculture class has been to the Forbes watermelon farm. Students have also had guest presentations here at school such as – the Smashed Project addressing the social issues surrounding underage drinking and a pre-lesson for the Mock Crash, which addresses safe driving practises. Students have also been busy getting ready for the MADD night and other school events to be held later in the year.

Year 10 is traditionally a time when students are looking to complete some work experience to determine which career they might like to pursue. Students would then choose subjects required in 11 and 12 to pursue this. At this point, all work experience has been postponed to a later date.

Mrs Wynstra

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