Return to Face-to-Face Teaching

If you have been following NSW Government advice, you would have seen the Premier announce that from Week 3, Department of Education schools will move to have all students attending school at least one day a week, with all students returning to full time face-to-face teaching by Term 3. As an independent school, we are given the freedom to implement our own plan to suit our own context, for which I am extremely grateful.

Below you will see a table that outlines when students will be expected to attend school for face-to-face teaching. It is important to point out some of the factors that have informed this planning. These include:

  • NSW Government guidelines;
  • COVID-19 statistics for the Parkes Shire;
  • predicting the COVID-19 landscape in 3 weeks time;
  • social distancing and hygiene measures here at school;
  • the ability of different year groups to work independently from home;
  • the pressure on families facilitating learning at home;
  • expectation of teachers during the transition periods;
  • and assessing which year groups would benefit the most from being back at school

Teaching Timetable

What weekdays will my child attend school during the transition weeks?

Year 3 and 4 will attend school on Wednesday of Week 3 (13th May) and Wednesday and Thursday of Week 4 (20th and 21st of May).
Year 5 and 6 will attend school on Monday of Week 3 (11th May) and Monday and Tuesday of Week 4 (18th and 19th May).
Year 7 and 8 will attend school on Monday of Week 3 (11th May) and Monday and Tuesday of Week 4, 5, 6 (18th, 19th, 25th, 26th May and 1st and 2nd of June).
Year 9 and 10 will attend school on Friday of Week 3 (15th May) and Thursday and Friday of Week 4, 5, 6 (21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th May and 4th and 5th of June).
Year 11 and 12 will attend school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Week 3 (12th, 13th and 14th May).

It is important to note that this return to face to face teaching plan is completely subject to change pending Government advice or factors that might impact on our own context, such as an increase in cases within the Parkes Shire. It could also be that this plan is changed to fast track a return to school if cases continue to fall significantly between now and May.

Most importantly, if you are not comfortable sending your child to school on the days indicated within this plan, I would invite you to give me a call or email so that we can work on a solution that suits school and home. This would certainly be applicable to vulnerable students with specific health conditions.

I have included a set of frequently asked questions and answers that might solve any queries you may have after reading this letter. Can I encourage you to read them carefully before getting in touch with any questions you may have.

Thank you again for your support through this difficult time. At Parkes Christian School we are all about teaching, learning and partnering with you to raise young men and women who are set to make a positive impact on this world. I am so thankful that we are finally on the path to bringing our students back so this important work can continue within a face to face context. For all of you who are finding this time particularly challenging, hang in there and let us support you through this transition time.

Warm regards,
Glen Westcott

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