Encourage One Another

School life changed quickly towards the end of Term 1 and the Primary students rose to the challenge and continued learning at home. But now PCS has restarted, rebooted or recommenced for 2020, live and in 3D colour!

This week K-2 returns to five days of face-to-face teaching with teachers in their classrooms, while Years 3-6 return for two days. The school has returned to the happy chatter of students in the classrooms and in the playground the music is playing at lunchtime with spontaneous dance moves breaking out every now and then.

It is beginning to look familiar and there is an atmosphere of celebration of that familiar routine returning.

In Term 2 there are changes in how students are interacting, the set up of the classroom furniture and increased hygiene practices, however the feeling of celebration to the return of familiar routines, students to seeing their friends and school community face-to-face, restores the joy in one’s heart.

It is evident through this challenging time how the sense of belonging, for face-to-face interactions and sharing with people in real time is so important, not just for our mental health but our heart and soul. It is good to meet and share life with others.

The Bible teaches us to be kind to one another and build each other up. Our Primary students are encouraged everyday to be kind and encouraging to each other. By doing this students have the opportunity to feel confident to try to spell that tricky word, solve that maths question or put forth their hypothesis for that science experiment.

Helping others to be their best, helps you to be your best in return and everybody smiles.

Primary students: you are evident of this practice and what amazing people you will be in the world.

Through all the ups and downs of the last few months returning to a place where kindness, encouragement and friendship abounds is a great way to restart 2020 here at PCS.

Mrs Harris – Primary Coordinator

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