Senior CAFS

HSC Community and Family Studies starts off with an Independent Research Project that allows students to plan, conduct, analyse and compile a report on a topic of their choice.

This year students in CAFS have taken on some very interesting topics looking at resources for the elderly, social media, single parents, bullying, pets, drug abuse and sport.

Each student had to use the skills they have learned over the course to prepare interviews and questionnaires that would help them to prove or disprove their hypothesis (listed below).

This involved them stepping out of their comfort zone and contacting people that can assist in their research.

They also learned about the wonderful world of Google Scholar that helped them to find quality, peer-reviewed research to use to enhance their own findings.

They have a couple of weeks left now to analyse their data and discuss their findings in a report due during Week 7 but I am really proud of their efforts so far!


  1. School is no longer the number one environment where incidents of bullying occur.
  2. The impact of pets on an individuals mental health and wellbeing
  3. The abuse of drugs in parents and the effects it can have on their children.
  4. How does a sole parent family impact the wellbeing of an adolescent?
  5. What is the impact of ongoing connection to the community for senior adults health and wellbeing?
  6. What impact does sport and sporting role models have on the wellbeing of teenagers?
  7. How does being raised by one parent affect a child’s wellbeing later in life?
  8. Young generations are highly influenced by social media whereas older generations aren’t.
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