Year 4 News Update

Life and learning in the Year 4 room have been revamped after coming back from the Coronavirus break.

The students are more enthusiastic and show readiness in their learning which is very encouraging.

In the classroom, we have been presenting our speeches and the students have all done well with their preparation and presentations. The 3 topics they could choose from are:

  1. Why do we need trees?
  2. Why must I eat my vegetables?
  3. If I was a bee…..

One can clearly hear the evidence of research in their speeches and some have greatly developed confidence and boldness to stand in front of the class as the presented their speech.

On Fridays, stage 2 students have been learning how to play netball. During this time the students have learned to developed their skills including passing and catching the ball, body control and not to run with the ball.

Days in the classroom of Year 4 are always busy and fun and as one semester is about to come to an end, my hope is that our Year 4 students will continue to maintain devotion and commitment to their learning as they have already shown throughout this year.

Mrs Naqau

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