Experiments and Procedures with Year 2

This term in Science Year 2 have been learning about Marvellous Materials. We have looked at states of matter, properties of materials and how we can change materials from one state to another. Year 2 was very excited to be able to conduct experiments revolving around reversible and irreversible change.

Our first experiment demonstrated that chocolate could go from a solid to a liquid and back again, along the way we observed the properties of chocolate in its different states. Next we looked at salt. We set up an experiment to see if we could dissolve salt in water and then extract the salt as a solid. The children came up with some brilliant ideas about how we could achieve this goal, including; putting our salty water in an air dryer to remove the water. We put our salt water in petri dishes and put them in the sun on black cardboard. Students recorded their results in picture form alongside a jointly constructed procedural recount.

We have also been learning about procedure and procedural recount writing in English. We have been engaging with some great literature. Mrs King made pizzas with us for art and we followed this up by writing a procedure for making real pizzas. The most exciting part for Year 2 was that we then made real pizzas. Year 2 followed their procedure carefully. Each student got to choose their toppings, and while most of the pizzas were consumed quickly, some children took theirs home to share with their families.

Mrs Greenland

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