Senior PDHPE Zoom Chat With Australian Olympian!

Senior PDHPE students had the wonderful opportunity to chat first hand with an Australian Olympian about the content they had been learning in class and how it applied to a real life situation.

Scott Westcott, former local and Australian marathon runner, took time out of his busy day in Newcastle to do a Zoom call with our students where they were able to ask him a number of questions about the factors that affect an athletes performance. They asked questions about what energy systems he mainly uses, what are his main fuel sources, motivation strategies, hydration plans and recovery strategies, training regime, impact of injuries, goal setting, and they even found out what chocolate he likes to eat.

It was a great chat that really gave the students an insight into the world of an elite athlete.

A huge thank you to Scott for his time and wealth of knowledge about these topics. Our students were so appreciative.

Mrs Wilson

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