The last first day!

Last week saw our Year 12s experience their last first day ever! That’s right, the last time they’ll ever experience the first day of a new school term.

Term 3 is always a highlight of the year for a senior High School teacher. It’s the time when the rubber really hits the road for our HSC students. We see their major works come together and celebrate them in a Major Works Showcase, they sit their Trial HSC examinations and they wrap up all their courses, ready for the big exams in Term 4.

For our Year 12s, they also have their last dress up days, last carnivals, last classes and of course, a last week full of fun activities and celebrations to make sure they get a great send off into the world.

As a teacher of Year 12s, it’s a very hectic term that flies by as deadlines loom and events come and go, but it can be a bit sad too when we say goodbye to our most senior students.

Every year it amazes me to look back on the Year 12 students and what they were like when they were younger. There are always times when you look at a year group and wonder what on Earth the school will be like when they are our seniors, but every time they mature and develop into wonderful young adults who are ready to take on the new challenges they will face.

This year’s group is no different, and I have really enjoyed spending my mornings with them in roll call and getting to know them better this year. They’re a great bunch of kids and I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

But for now, it’s time to strap ourselves in and enjoy the last term for our Year 12s. It’s sure to be a wild ride!

Have a great week!

Greg Ballantyne

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