Writing with Year 2

Year 2 have had a great start to Term 3. We are starting new topics across many subjects and improving our skills in others.

This year in writing, we have looked at recounts as one of the main text types. So far we have looked at general recounts and procedural recounts and now we are studying how to recognise and write a factual recount.

Students are also working on their sentence writing skills to build great texts. They are expanding their sentences with adverbs and adjectives, and learning how to use onomatopoeia and alliteration in their work.

Students have begun to develop great orientations for their stories and use paragraphs to group ideas.

Here are some of the alliterative sentences we have been working on. Some children were able to come up with their alliterative sentences by themselves and others needed a little help. We are going to keep working on our alliteration to develop our text writing.

Lucy Leopard lied to the limping lemur. Ethan L
Ainslee and Ava are at the amazing active ant farm. Isaiah
Amelia, Alexander and Ainslee ate ants and antelope in action. Lachlan
Billy and Bobby bounced the big bouncy ball. Corinne
Lizzy Lizard likes looking for limping lions on lovely days. Patrick
Tegan Tiger tricked teasing triceratops into eating a T-Rex. James
Ava Antelope aced the test, but Alex Ant didn’t. Bailey
Beautiful butterflies eat butter, but Betty butts at bulls. Peter
Ainslee Alligator ambushed an African antelope. How amazing! Ainslee
Corinne cat eats crabs in Carolina. Ava
Ant ate an apple in the amazing tree. CJ
Dylan dog dug a deep, dark hole. Dylan
Rafa the rat rested while Rick ran for the rat cheese. Rafa
The American angel was active with the apple. Beau
Lilybeth Lizard leaps with ladybirds around the lake. Lilybeth
Ainslee Alligator ate an active antelope. Ethan D

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