In the Kindergarten Classroom

In week 4 Kindergarten have been very creative in their lessons.

In History, Kindergarten have been discussing how important it is to remember the past. This week’s discussion centred on celebrations and commemorations that remember past events and how people can celebrate these events from the past. Students discussed the actions people do to remember and celebrate a person’s birthday.  This included wearing party hats. Kindergarten students designed and created their own birthday hat in class.

In Creative Art, Kindergarten investigated ostriches and then used pastel crayons and paint to create colourful ostriches.

In English, Kindergarten explored how narratives have a beginning, a middle and an end. Using the picture stories Kindergarten wrote a narrative to match the pictures with a beginning sentence, a middle sentence and an ending sentence.

Great work Kindergarten, keep up the creative work!

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