Don’t Give Up!

Primary School students demonstrated great persistence, determination and endurance last Thursday at the King and Queen of the Mountain cross country event. However the most memorable attribute on display was the encouragement between students to not give up on the course. 

While the Kindergarten students ran, jogged, or walked sections of the mountain, clapping of encouragement could be heard from the older students. Two laps of a mountain can seem endless on little legs, but to the credit of the Kindergarten students they all finished the race. They didn’t give up!

This attribute continued with each grade or age race; the students clapped with enthusiasm to spur the runners on. Teachers Aides ran multiple laps with students to stay the course and not give up.   

At PCS that attribute is not left on the mountain, it is cultivated in the classroom and on the playground. One lunchtime last week I had the delight to watch a handball game where a multi-age group of students were playing. The older students were teaching Kinder and Year 1 students how to play and allowing multiple tries before being ‘Out’. The phrase that was repeated throughout the game was “good try, try again, don’t give up”.

Of all the lessons the students will learn, don’t give up and encouraging others to stay the course is a great one to learn at an early age. It is a quality that will last a lifetime and help open doors in the future. 

Well done Primary students you are all champions!

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