Fun with Year 4

Year 4 have been enjoying all the fun activities happening in and out of the classroom this term.

Some of the activities are:

  •  6th August – Science Fun experiment with Liquid Nitrogen gas
  •  27th August – King and Queen of the Mountain
  • 3rd September – History Changes in the Community bus ride and visit
  • 11th September – PCS Athletics Carnival
  • 17th September – Science experiment – Making Ice Cream

In addition, we have been learning how to build ‘can’ towers and have also upgraded our hockey skills and techniques in PE and Sport respectively.
During this term we have greatly enjoyed everything that we are learning and we also look forward to meeting up with our classmates each day to simply enjoy the time that we have in the classroom.

Year 4 are loving our fun, hands-on learning days!

Mrs Naqau

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