Have a Fun Filled Holiday!

Fun! In the year when many fun events and activities have been removed or reduced, fun was abounding at PCS last week.

Beginning with RUOK? Mufti day and ending with Paint the Town Uniformly Read dress-up, fun was written on the smiles, laughter and eyes of the students and teachers.

On Monday it was such a delight to see the yellow and gold outfits of the students and to hear them asking their friends RUOK?

Then on Friday it was fabulous to see the K-2 dressed in different professional uniforms and enjoying acting out and playing those jobs in the playground. It was hilarious to see the teachers and principal dressed in school uniforms and the quizzical faces of the students as they arrived at school.

Fun is a key quality to have each day, it cultivates positive learning and higher productivity within the classrooms.

With holidays beginning at the end of the week, may the fun continue wherever the holidays lead your families.

Congratulations PCS students for completing a fabulous Term 3!

Thank you for your enthusiasm to learn and the fun you bring each day.

May there be no uttering of the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ during holidays. Tap into your fun imagination and be amazed by what is around you, think outside the square and be creative, productive and helpful to those around you, as you are at school.

Congratulations teachers for a fabulous Term 3, your hard work and energy is greatly appreciated. May the holidays be filled with fun and rest to re-energise you for Term 4.

Stay safe over the holidays PCS community and have fun!

Mrs Harris

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