SRC Nominations for 2021

Now is the time to start thinking about nominating for SRC, House Captains and School Captains in 2021. Leadership is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to many people and is more than just being the boss. We love seeing our students grow in their leadership abilities in their time here at PCS and it is a skill we focus on developing.

This year’s SRC have had to work extra hard to be leaders and serve the school in creative ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have done such a good job encouraging others and helping students stay connected during at home learning and with restrictions at school. They all have played a valuable role in the SRC team that includes coming to weekly meetings, nominating and voting on Student and Teacher of the Week, working with Teachers to create events, communicating with students and being role models in all areas of school. They also work closely with Mr Westcott and the leadership team to have a say on key decisions in the school.

Sam Quince (Year 7 Rep) says “Not only is the SRC a fun little branch of the school but it is a leadership branch. In the SRC you can feel really happy knowing that you are helping the school whether it be in fundraisers, BBQ’s or just in class showing respect to teachers and classmates. In the SRC you get to interact with different people from different year groups which makes our school a nice place and we all get to know a little bit about each other.”

Lachlan Unger and Ashton Boland (Year 6 Reps) both agree that the ” SRC provide opportunities to do things and help our school”

Laura Cabban, one of our School Captains, put it nicely when she said “Becoming an SRC representative is an amazing way to get involved in the behind-the-scenes work of PCS. It allows you to grow and excel as a leader, but also provides you with vital life skills. Organising events and fundraising is one of the many things the SRC does! Being a part of the SRC, you are able to be the voice of the students. Above all, it’s a fun and wonderful experience, so give it a go!”

Nominations for SRC are due to Roll Call teachers by Friday 23rd October and speeches will be given to Roll Call classes during Week 3. Students in Year 11 who would like to nominate for School Captain need to complete a form which has been emailed to them. Following this students will vote for their SRC and School Captains on Monday 2nd of November after hearing speeches from our potential School Captains. Students will also split into house teams to hear from potential House Captains and vote for them.

For more information about the nomination and voting process or about the SRC talk to Mr Ballantyne or Miss Oates

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