Welcome to 2021 at PCS!

Welcome back to all our students and families. It is with a great sense of anticipation that I write to you for the first time this year. I hope and pray that in the midst of the new school year nerves (and possibly tears or cheers) you are also expectant of a great year of schooling. The first week of school has been fantastic. It is so nice having all the students and parents back again. I am excited to tell you that we have started our school year with the largest student numbers in the school’s history. We are currently sitting on 266 students! This has resulted in us adding a second Kindergarten class for the first time ever, as well as our double streamed classes in Year 7 and 8. Whilst we aren’t a school that chases growth, it is nice to have more and more families wanting to partner with us in education. Can I reassure you that in the midst of growth, our focus on delivering child centered learning in a safe and supportive environment remains the same. We like being a smaller school and will continue to celebrate all the things that make us unique. 


As the year begins, there are a few changes that you will notice in the coming weeks that I wanted to make you aware of. Firstly, our newsletter will be emailed every week on a Friday afternoon. This will allow you to plan your week ahead and catch up on all the past week’s happenings. I certainly welcome your feedback in this area as our intention is to have open and regular communication with our school community. Each week the newsletter will feature an article from myself as Principal, or from Mr Greg Ballantyne and Mrs Liz Harris as the High School and Primary Coordinators. All our newsletters will be available on our website, as will all other relevant information about the school. 


There has been a slight shuffling of staff in our Primary School which has seen us welcome Miss Amy Crawford into the team for 2021. Miss Crawford joins us from the Central Coast and will be teaching one of our Kindergarten classes. I know she will be a great addition to the PCS team and has been working incredibly hard to get ready for our new Kindergarten class! Welcome Amy! In our High School, we have welcomed back Mrs Alice Milne who will be working with us again in 2021. Other staffing largely remains the same in 202. See all PCS staff and their various allocations here.

COVID, Welcome BBQ and Parent/Teacher Interviews

COVID restrictions will continue to impact on day to day life here at PCS for sometime to come. At present, these restrictions won’t impact day to day learning, however there are still parent restrictions in place across some areas/events of the school including assemblies and carnivals. The biggest casualty of COVID at present is the Welcome BBQ and ‘meet the teacher’ event, which won’t be able to progress as previously planned. However, in wanting to give each of you the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher/s, we have decided to hold parent/teacher interviews early in Term 1. This will provide you the opportunity to sit and have a one on one with your child’s teacher, get to know them and to discuss your child and the year ahead. We will provide you with all the details for parent/teacher interviews ASAP. 

Capital Works Update

We are looking to start construction on our new Design & Technology Centre very soon. I am pleased to announce that we will again be working with Barnes Construction who have delivered quality building projects for PCS in the past. 

As part of our redevelopment works, I am excited to announce that we will be constructing a new front entrance to the school including top post and rail fencing along the length of the property. This work is due to be completed during Term 1. 

As announced at Presentation Evening, the new C.O.L.A (roof over the basketball court) is due to be constructed during Term 1. This shelter will bring welcome relief from the sun during the summer months and rain during wet days. I will continue to provide you with updates on all of these projects as they progress. 

As always, we are committed to providing the best education possible here at Parkes Christian School in 2021. I thank you again for choosing to partner with us to grow a generation of young men and women who love God, love life and are ready to make a positive impact on this world. What a privilege it is to be the principal of this great school. 

Have a great weekend everyone,

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