People are the key, Jesus is the example

Over the last six weeks the PCS staff have been a feature in each newsletter. This getting to know us section has been great to learn about individuals favourite school memories, fun facts about them and their favourite verse or quote.

Last week I learnt that Mrs Watt was home schooled for her primary school years and Mr Quince won a piano eisteddfod. Both pieces of information have increased my understanding of these colleagues and the hidden skills they possess.

One piece of information that has been consistent throughout this section is the answer to the question; what is the best thing about working at PCS? Each week the same answer has been written, the people.

A school is full of people of different ages, experiences, personalities and interests, with such an array it could easily be awkward at times when working together. However, here at PCS what binds us all together is the love of Jesus and His example of how to treat and work with others.

Jesus teaches us to be kind, generous, forgiving and helpful to others. His example throughout His life is the model the teachers here at PCS try to emulate each working day.

Here at PCS there are many buildings but the heart of the school is the people with a heart for Jesus, creating the best workplace to be at every day.

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