Come see the Difference for Yourself!

Our annual High School Expo will be held on Monday, 8 March, and I really hope that everyone can come along and see some of the amazing work done by our students.

Our High School Expo is obviously an important event for us to be able to promote the school to prospective students and families, however it is also a fantastic celebration of student achievement.

I have to give credit to Mr Quince for cooking up the idea of the expo when he first arrived at the school some years ago. All high schools have information nights and tours of the facilities in order to show the public what they have to offer, but Mr Quince wanted to shake things up and do things differently. His vision was to stage an event that allowed the current students to show off their work, skills and enthusiasm for the school. He also wanted the students to be the ones manning the displays and talking to the public. After all, who better to promote the school than the students! Initially I was pretty nervous about how this would work out, but it was a terrific event and has continued to grow and be a wonderful opportunity for people to come and celebrate the students. And that’s what I love most about it! It’s a very student-driven event, and I love seeing the students proudly talk about their work and the school to members of the public. It’s a real confidence builder and speaks volumes about our school culture, as students are happy to attend and “sell our school.”

So, I really encourage you all to come along, and maybe bring a friend who’s never seen our school before. If you already have high school students, it’s a great chance to see the sort of work they do. If you have kids in primary, you can see what their future looks like. It’s a great event, and one that our high school staff are all very proud of.

Come and see the difference for yourself!


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