Be on the lookout to learn and improve

At PCS, teachers encourage the students every day to learn new skills and improve their application of these skills to become the best versions of themselves.

As the saying goes ‘you need to practise what you preach’, I am happy to report that is exactly what the staff at PCS do regularly.

Primary have been on a four year journey meeting with Literacy consultants and Numeracy consultants each term to learn and improve the effective teaching of both literacy and numeracy from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Last week the Kindergarten to Year 2 staff attended a conference to increase their knowledge of effective research based phonemic awareness and phonics application in the younger grades.

The whole staff have just completed an online course on creating a positive student engaged classroom for academic success. Not to mention the many individual online courses different teachers are completing to enhance their particular subject or teaching area.

This is my 20th year of teaching and when I reflect on my first year of teaching it is extremely different to what I do now in the classroom. That change has come from persistently watching others, reading quality research, learning from courses and improving my craft by being open to say ‘I can improve, teach me’.

PCS teachers practise what they preach. Teachers want the best for each student who attends, encouraging them to learn and improve each day. From this passion and drive for students to grow and learn, we as a staff, drive each other in the pursuit to learn and grow in the area of effective teaching practise. With this attitude driving PCS, imagine the run-on effect to the students and the opportunities they will be offered in the future.

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