Look at us now!

Last week Kindergarten hosted the Primary assembly, presenting a play, playing a number game, explaining what they have learnt in both Science and Geography and showing their art work in a parade.

Watching each of the Kindergarten students speak into the microphone and remember their lines was a great testament to how far they have come in one semester of school.

It wasn’t that long ago that 25 shy young faces walked into the Kindergarten rooms on the first day of school, not sure what to expect. Now those Kindergarten faces arrive each day with enthusiasm and confidence knowing the class routines.

Before there were quiet faces during class discussions, now hands shoot up and ideas abound.

Before they played with Year 6 buddies at recess and lunch on the equipment, now it’s a wave to the Year 6 buddy as they run past with their group of friends branching out to play in all areas of the playground.

Before it was learning to write their name correctly, now it’s forming a sentence with punctuation.

Before it was looking at a story being read to them, now they are reading the stories.

So much has changed for Kindergarten students in one semester. Imagine the exploits by the end of the year!

For all teachers at PCS the growth of all students in each grade is what keeps us motivated to teach our best. The teachers are the coaches and the cheer squad for each of their students.

With enrolment applications for Kindergarten 2022 being finalised, it won’t be long until this year’s Kinders are the Year Ones showing the new shy faces the ropes!

Mrs Harris

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