Agape Love

A lot is said about love in the world today. 
In nearly every song today the word is mentioned.

Thinking back to when I was young, and I am being reminded of it through people enjoying a retro phase of their life, there were such legendary songs as “Love is in the Air”, “Love is All You Need”, and “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Ripperton.
The English language is, however very limited in description for Love.

If we had a better understanding of what ‘Love’ means, and what type of ‘love’ we mean, perhaps our lives would be a lot less complicated.

The memory verse for this week, 1 Corinthians 13:4, describes the attribute of Love, with it being patient, kind, not boastful and not puffed up. When we look at this verse in Greek, the work used for love is Agape.

Agape is a self-sacrificial love that God and Christ had for the world. It is a love where we serve others, regardless of who they are. Where we serve our enemies regardless of how we are treated by them. What a wonderful world it would be if this were the case for all of us.

There are many different people that are in our lives, it would be wonderful to see them all being treated the same – because the love spoken about more than any other in the Bible is this Agape love.

My aim is to see everyone adopt this kind of approach, so that our society of Parkes Christian School can be called a truly loving environment.

Mr Quince

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