Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Public speaking is considered one of the main fears for people around the world; it unnerves so many, including myself. When I see our students stepping up and taking it on, I just can’t help but applaud and be excited for them.  

Recently some Primary students have been stepping out of their comfort zones and speaking in front of their peers, to the wider community or to other students from different schools. 

During the semester Primary House Captains have been presenting announcements to the Primary school. Seeing these young leaders standing in front of 150 students, projecting their voices to ensure the announcement is heard is wonderful.

During the Primary Expo many Primary students across all grades happily spoke to visiting families about PCS and helped them complete the sticker hunt activities. It was fabulous to see such a range of students take the initiative to speak to the wider community and share so positively about their school. 

The 10 Primary Captains and House Captains attended the GRIP Leadership conference. The students participated in several activities that included going and speaking to other school leaders to gain their perspective or share their ideas on certain topics. It was amazing to see the growth during the day as the PCS Captains went from nervously going near another school to by the end of the day walking with purpose to find another student to discuss ideas with. PCS students realised that everyone felt the same nervous energy but taking that first step and saying ‘Hi‘ was all it took to get the discussion going.

I was reminded this week of the promise in Isaiah 41:10, that our loving Father God will always strengthen us, help us and hold us with his mighty hand whenever we start to fear, so we don’t have to be afraid. 

What a fabulous promise to call upon when opportunities arise to push us out of our comfort zones. Comfort zones can be really helpful to build us up but also limiting if we never step out. 

Well done Primary students for taking on the challenge of stepping out and developing new skills that will help you into your future. 

Let’s all be encouraged to hold on to the mighty hand and step out of the comfort zone, as saying ‘Hi’ might be all it takes.


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