What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

This week I have enjoyed seeing what happens when a huge team of people set their minds to something that honors what God has done, and is currently doing, at Parkes Christian School as well as honouring the legacy of people that have gone before us. It has also been a wonderful reminder of the great things that are coming and the future God has in store for us.  

Our school was a hive of activity on top of what already happens day to day in a busy Term 4, but it was all for a good cause. This weekend we are celebrating 40 years of Christian education at Parkes Christian School. Over the year we have been blessed to be able to hear from key people who were around in the beginning and really develop a sense of purpose heading into this weekend. 

This was highlighted by Chris Cohen this week in our Staff devotions. Chris has returned to school after being one of the Original Teachers at PCS 40 years ago. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a beautiful perspective of our school that she passed onto us. It has been such a blessing to have her in our Primary school and it really sums up the saying of ‘for such a time as this’. She has come back to the school at this exact moment and has been able to share with us about her time 40 years ago. 

What I have witnessed here in the preparations is again a reminder of the wonderful work God is doing in our school and community. Under the watchful eye of Shannon McCutcheon, the grounds have been carefully prepared even in the midst of all this rain. They are looking beautiful and ready to welcome the wider community in for our Spring Fair as well as alumni and founders on Sunday for our 40th Celebration Service. 

Greg Ballantyne has pulled together a wild bunch of teachers and students who have had some crazy ideas for stalls and fun and Belinda Westcott has spent a crazy amount of time pouring over school photos and making phone calls. I’ve really enjoyed hearing the stories that each memory brings. Our Principal, Glen Westcott has guided the whole process but in particular has pieced together a Celebration Service that truely honors God, our history and the future of PCS. He has worked with the Church here as well as the School Board to make Sunday the amazing day I know it is going to be. Each staff member has played their part and joined with families and people in the community to prepare this weekend; a mammoth effort!

For me PCS has always been a place of community. From beginning to now, the staff and students have gone above and beyond to make this place welcoming and function at its best. Joining with families and the wider Parkes community and beyond to get the job done and done well. This is just another example of how we are outworking this everyday here and a big reason why I love our school. 

We are all very much looking forward to having you for a weekend of reliving memories and creating some more. See you over the weekend!


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