Merry Christmas and Thank You PCS!

And just like that the 2022 school year comes to a close. With all that has happened, it is hard to think back to January and where it all started! It was always going to be a significant year in 2022. Moving past COVID regulations, building programs, 40 Year celebrations and all the usual day to day teaching and learning activities has sure made for plenty of big weeks at school. In recent times it has been the flooding events that have proved really difficult for our broader community, including many PCS families. The full recovery is still far from over, but how encouraging it has been to see all the love and support shown to those in need during this time. What a great community we are privileged to be a part of. 

As I write my final article for the year, I am very excited to announce that the PCS staffing roster is complete! From classroom teachers, support staff to grounds/maintenance, what a blessing it is to have all our positions filled for next year going into the holiday period. You may see an advertisement for a High School position over the holidays, however it is not necessary for that particular position to be filled for the start of 2023. We have an incredible staff at PCS, and I want to thank and acknowledge them for all their hard work this year. There is a great level of care shown each day for our students and an enormous amount of work that happens behind the scenes to make the day to day teaching possible. 

To the families of PCS, a huge thank you from me to you. It is no small thing to partner with you in education, and we are privileged to have been able to work with all of you this year. I have again enjoyed the great level of support shown by all of you towards me and the PCS staff. You are a wonderful parent community who help make this school a warm and welcoming place to be. Thank you!

To the students, you are the whole reason PCS exists. You are not on earth by accident and you are not at PCS by accident. You are here for a purpose! 2023 is going to be a year of opportunity for you. I pray that as you go into these Christmas holidays, you get some rest and enjoy plenty of time being kids. But at the same time I hope you prepare yourself to hit 2023 running, ready to make it your best year yet!

And finally I’d like to say Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason we are here. He is the reason PCS exists and the reason that I love being part of this incredible school community. I pray that in the midst of all the end of year events, there will be a moment where each of us can stop and know that Jesus came as a gift for you. You were worth it. You are no accident. You are loved. 

So as we look to 2023 with a new building program, record student numbers, an amazing staff lineup and a whole host of exciting student opportunities I hope you are as excited as me. I am so privileged to be the principal of this great school and can’t wait to work with all of you to make it the best year yet. 41 years old as a school never looked so good! 

Go and do some fishing and have a Merry Christmas PCS.


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