Cheerfulness is Good for your Complexion!

Proverbs 15:13 says ‘ A happy heart makes the face cheerful’.

This week PCS  has been extremely busy with the K-12 Expo, Netball Gala day, NAPLAN, House Colours day and Touch Football House challenge as well as the K-2 Dubbo Theatre excursion to name a few things.

Happy, bright, smiling students interacted with visiting families at the K-12 Expo; returning Netball players shone with excitement recalling the matches from the gala day and the K-2 were abuzz with just the idea of the bus ride to Dubbo. Wait until you hear the joy-filled recount of the theatre production and the excited stories from their lunch at the playground – you won’t be able to help yourself get caught up in the cheerfulness!

The playground has been filled with cheerful faces and happy hearts shining brightly. When walking around the school and talking to the students about all that has been going on, it is infectious to feel the excitement and happiness that beams through.  

School life is filled with learning outcomes and taking educational risks to improve in the classroom such as completing NAPLAN, however at PCS it is balanced with the fun of hands-on learning, outdoor activities, friendly house competitions and excursions. 

With a happy heart, educational challenges seem doable and within each day the happiness and fun is quickly found, thus creating the energy to keep trying your best in each lesson. 

Great job PCS of keeping your faces cheerful and hearts happy while you learn!
 Just think, it is an inexpensive way to get a face lift!


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