CSSA State Soccer Finals – High School Boys

On Sunday, June 18, a group of 16 boys and 2 teachers embarked on a journey to Sydney to participate in the CSSA State Soccer Finals. The day started with delicious smells as their personal chef, William Ellis, prepared bacon and egg rolls for breakfast. Despite the freezing morning, the sun eventually warmed things up.

The competition at the finals was incredibly tough, with teams of a high caliber. However, the boys defended admirably, and Oliver Mayo, the goalkeeper, deserves special recognition for his excellent performance. He was named the player of the day for his outstanding goalkeeping skills.

Throughout the tournament, the boys never lost their determination. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, they kept their heads held high and fought relentlessly. With each game, it was evident how much the team had improved, and this progress can be attributed to the importance of team building. While the competition was fierce, the boys gave their all and ultimately finished in 8th place in the CSSA State Soccer tournament. Although not the desired outcome, they should be proud of their efforts and the progress they made as a team.

In addition to their own matches, some of the boys, namely Thomas, Lachlan, Joshua, Riley, and Charles, volunteered to be line referees for other teams. Their commitment and willingness to contribute to the event were greatly appreciated.

A special thanks goes to Mr Wynstra, who drove the bus and ensured the team’s safety on the road. His dedication and responsibility made the journey possible and provided valuable support to the team throughout their participation in the tournament.

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