More than Just a Show!

For the past few years, PCS has staged a very successful theatrical production at the end of Term 2.

Productions like Seussical the Musical are just such an important part of our school.

It’s not about showing off our talented students, or our fancy LED screen, or the creativity and dedication of the staff. All these things are seen by our community, but it’s not what shows are about.

It’s not about ticket sales, or sell-out crowds, or bringing new people into our school. Again, these things happen, and they’re nice, but there are far more important things at stake.

For me, and I think I speak for the entire creative team, putting on a school musical or play is all about developing skills and encouraging the students to be their best.

I have been involved in theatre for almost 30 years and I can safely say that theatre is about so much more than performing and getting clapped and cheered.

Yes it’s nice when the audience laughs at a joke, or cheers when you come out for your bow, or you get complimented on a great show – but that’s all it is. Nice.

As quickly as a cheer begins it ends. Bowing at the end of a great show feels wonderful in the moment, but it quickly fades. However, there are so many things that last well beyond the shows and stay with you all your life.

I have always enjoyed the rehearsals of the shows I have done over the years far more than the performances.
During rehearsals you learn so many things. You learn to be creative, you learn to be adaptable and flexible, you learn to think on your feet and problem solve.

There are times you are thrust into leadership, and times when you need to be supportive and encouraging.
One of the most important things you learn from doing a show is how vital preparation is. Amazing performances require talent, but also require hours upon hours of preparation and rehearsal.

You learn how to take chances, how to fail, and how to pick yourself up and go again.
But most importantly, you develop amazing friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

I have had the privilege of seeing so many of our Seussical cast members experience all of these things over the past three months. I have seen students of different ages and backgrounds come together in a way that no other school experience can provide.

I have watched students who were full of self doubt grow in confidence, I have seen them prepare and work extremely hard in order to keep improving.
I have seen them support and encourage each other, and I have seen friendships grow and develop.

Our production of Seussical the Musical will soon become a memory and a series of photos and videos, but the experiences the students had on and off the stage will stay with them for a lifetime – and that’s why these shows are so important!


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