Year 9/10 Canberra Excursion

In the last week of last term, Year 9 and 10 set off on their way to Canberra for a packed fews days. Arriving at the Australian War Memorial, we jumped straight into the activities with Year 9 taking a short tour of WW1 artefacts. The tour guide was engaging and we learned about how Australian officers were whipped into soldiers who led from the front to honourable but devastating effect. Year 10 walked ANZAC Pde and discovered a collection of significant memorials to those who served in war. A quick swap over and all students agreed that the war memorial was a worthy experience. Go Karting and putt putt golf brought out the healthy competitive spirits on the first night. 

Day 2 was to Parliament House where the staff were stoked to see a group of students who were only a couple of years away from voting. They were passionate in their campaign to get the students interested and aware of their right and important responsibility that is voting. William Bligh made an excellent Prime Minister during the role play with other students getting into rigorous debates about the policy before them. 
Most students had a go at the indoor rock climbing where we discovered that Sam Westcott was in actual fact a monkey as he scooted up the walls much to the other boys’ envy!

Our last day was a quick one with a random but helpful trip to Koorong, the National Art Gallery and AIS. Wherever we have gone, staff have commented on the excellent behaviour and manner of our students. It has been a privilege to take them away and we hope that they have not only had an educational time away but also a memorable one.

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