PCS Expo

What a night we had showcasing our school for another year! We love welcoming people from the community who are interested in checking out our school through the doors and being able to give them an idea of what PCS is all about. This year was another wonderful turn out where we were able to meet families interested in all years with the focus on Kinder and Year 7. 

The night provided an opportunity for families to ask questions and experience things the PCS way and we could not have hosted such a wonderful event without the amazing students we have. 
From 3pm on Monday our hall, COLA and various classrooms transformed into a taste of school life through the many hands of staff and students working towards their common goal of showing off who we are at PCS. What a team!!! 

The night showcased all learning areas where the students themselves showed off their work, interactive examples of skills they learn in class and spoke with students and parents about what PCS can offer. Having our students share their experiences allows people to get a well rounded view of what we can offer. 

If you missed the night and want to know more about enrolling at PCS give our office a call. 

We are currently accepting enrollments across all years and will be in touch soon to arrange interviews and collect further information before confirming enrollments for 2025. 

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