CWA Public Speaking Competition

On Tuesday 21st May, four Primary school students represented PCS at the CWA Public Speaking competition in Condobolin.

Evangeline Brown and John McConnell competed in the Stage 2 competition with both delivering a speech on the importance of brushing their teeth. Both students presented their speeches confidently and Evangeline achieved a reserve for the next level of competition.

Abby and Peter McIntyre competed in the Stage 3 competition. Abby presented a speech about life through her pet’s eyes and Peter discussed the mysteries of the deep sea. While they did not come away with a placement, both students presented their speeches well and engaged the audience.

Well done to Evangeline, John, Abby and Peter on your public speaking efforts.

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High School CWA Public Speaking Competition
PCS continues to have a strong presence in the CWA Public Speaking competition with 4 students participating in the local competition on Tuesday 21 May. The competition was tough and the hall was packed out but that did not stop two of our speakers from progressing to the next round. We would like to congratulate Grace Mayo for her excellent speech on the need for kindness to be a language that we all speak which received 1st place in the year 7-8 section. A big shout out goes to Laila McHatton and Saxon Guess for their confident presentations in the same section. Hannah McIntyre impressed the adjudicators in the Year 9-10 section with her speech on the ways in which good manners impact on our lives. Her 2nd place ensured that she also, with Grace, moved onto the next level of competition. 

Parkes Christian School values the significant place of public speaking in our curriculum for the skills it brings our students in becoming the best community members that they can be. If you have a high school student who is wondering about participating in public speaking activities, please reach out to Mrs Milne or Miss Harris.

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