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Parkes Christian School had a major presence among the award winners at the Parkes Show. Well done to everyone who entered and showed their community spirit. Following is a list of award winners to the best of our knowledge; some don’t have the exact age category and we may have missed some. Please let us know if we missed you!

Special mentions must go to Ella Richards who scooped many major awards in the Art section, while Lachlan Unger and Ruby Wilson both won Champion Exhibit Awards in the Cooking section.

We also had an amazing run in the Lego section with PCS students winning every category! Mitchell Moss also did a wonderful job to win the first ever Open Lego competition by beating Mr B. Well done Mitchell!

Georgina Greenland: 1st Flower Arranging Holiday Memories; 1st Machine Made Article; 2nd Flower Arranging Weird and Wonderful; 2nd Christmas Decoration with Stitchery.

Jack Greenland: Highly Commended “Intruder in My Garden”.

Madison Wynstra: 1st Bunch of Lavender; 1st Creative Cupcakes; 1st Soft Toy; 1st Room Decoration; 1st Cushion; 2nd Novelty Fruit or Vegetable

Bailey Wynstra: 1st Kindergarten Lego; Highly Commended Animal from Fruit or Vegetable.

Charlotte Wilson: 1st Patty Cakes; 2nd Chocolate Crackles; 3rd Rainbow Biscuits.

Ruby Wilson: Most Successful Exhibitor Primary Cooking; Primary Champion Exhibit in Cooking; 1st Blueberry Muffins; 1st Anzac Biscuits; 1st Chocolate Ring Cake; 2nd Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Lachlan Unger: Junior Champion Exhibit in Cooking; 1st Orange Cake; 1st Chocolate Butter Cake; 1st Chocolate Slice; 1st Navel Oranges.
Matilda Wilson: 2nd Chocolate Ring Cake; 2nd Anzac Biscuits

Marcus Moss: 1st Packet Cake – Butter; 1st Year 4-6 Lego.

Mitchell Unger: 2nd Rock Cakes; 2nd Pikelets; 3rd Muffins

Gemma Francis: 1st Rock Cakes; 1st Jewellery; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Greeting Card.

Isobelle Moss: 1st Patchwork Article; 1st Father’s Day Gift; 2nd Mosaic; 2nd Room Decoration; 3rd Christmas Decoration; Highly Commended Fabric Bag.

Sophie Field: 1st Cushion

Emily Thompson: 2nd Year 7-12 Photography

Toby Field: 1st Year 7-12 Photography; 1st Woodwork; 2nd Year 7-12 Lego

Year 1 and 2: 1st Mural

Mila Ballantyne: 1st Year 1-3 Lego; 1st Year 1 and 2 Drawing.

Charlotte Ballantyne: Highly Commended Year 1-3 Lego.

Nate Francis: 1st Fibre Construction or Wall Hanging; 1st Year 7-12 Lego.

Zak Chatman: 1st Pottery.

Jack McMaster: 1st Recycled Material.

Mitchell Moss: 1st Open Lego.

Jessica Weber: Highly Commended Year 11 and 12 Painting.

Ella Richards: 1st Year 11 and 12 Painting; 1st Miniature Painting; 1st Drawing any subject; 1st Open Artwork; 2nd Open Artwork; 2nd Craft Not Previously Used Material.

Annette Moss: 1st Quince Jelly

Katrina Harris: 1st Cinnamon Tea Cake

Merryn Unger: 2nd Plain Lamingtons; 3rd Cinnamon Tea Cake.

Greg Ballantyne: 2nd Open Lego.

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