Year 7 Excursion to Cowra

Last Friday, Year 7 spent the day in Cowra as part of their studies of Japanese and Visual Arts. Year 7 attended an art workshop at Studio 36A where they had fun drawing with charcoal. They also viewed a wide variety of artworks created by local artists.

At the Japanese Gardens, students viewed many items that are important within Japanese culture. The students also enjoyed wandering through the beautiful gardens. Having a Japanese lunch in the cafe was a highlight and most students mastered the art of eating with chopsticks.

Our next stop was the site of the Cowra Breakout followed by a trip to the Japanese War Cemetery. This was a very informative and eye-opening experience for our students, broadening their understanding of the role that Australia played during the Second World War. This visit also highlighted many cultural differences between Australia and Japan, including the importance of honour within the Japanese culture. A visit to the CowramInformation Centre to view the hologram presentation gave a personal account of what it was like for Australians at home during the war and what life was like for the Japanese held at Cowra during the war.

Year 7 has the amazing opportunity of visiting the Morton Gallery to view many artworks by Ann Morton and Glenn Morton.mGlenn and his wife Fionamshowed our students around the gallery and students had the opportunity to have a go at drawing more of their favourite paintings. Lilianna
Broderick and Joseph Burns were awarded prizes for their drawings. This was a very encouraging experience for our students.

Many thanks to Glenn and Fiona for making this such a special experience for our students. Thanks also to Ella Butler for joining us on the day and sharing her grandparents (Glenn and Fiona Morton) with us!

This was truly an amazing day!

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