Year 5 have started strong

Year 5 have started the year strong. There is always a lot of things happening around our classroom, with many of our students getting involved in filmmaking, musical performances for worship and leading the primary school in dance items.

Our class motto for 2019 is “Never settle for less than your best.” We have learnt what the Bible tells us about using our talents well and how making good use of the talents we have gives glory to God.

Year 5 has been very busy in class, learning how to create interesting stories in English and make justified predictions when reading the stories of others. In Mathematics, we learnt how to use fractions to measure chance and have been applying this knowledge to develop fair games.

In Science, Year 5 students conducted experiments in which they used yeast, water and sugar to blow up balloons. This led to some interesting results, which were recorded in a time lapse video.

We are excited to see what else Year 5 will show us this year.

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