Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time there was a school in the Central West who all decided to dress up as their favourite characters. Year 12 paired up and took on the Disney Prince and Princesses, Year 9 had a go at Peter Pan and Year 7 showed off Alice in Wonderland and Shrek. Individual greats included: Marshmallow, Woody, Trolls, Rapunzel and many many superheroes! Even the teachers decided to go all out with Mr B as Optimus Prime, Mr Brown as a legit knight and Mrs Greenland and Mrs Nunn as Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf. The SRC thanked the whole kingdom of PCS for participating in their event and promised to do more in the future. And they all lived happily ever after. The End!

Prizes were awarded to: Henry Unger and Jade McDonald (Kindergarten), Charlotte Ballantyne and Michael Brown (Year 2), Lara Amery (Year 3), Johann Smit (Year 4), Dylan McDonald and Lucy Noakes (Year 5), Isobelle Moss and Zac Pearce (Year 7), Tuskan McAlpine (Year 9), Angela Brown (Year 10), Jessica Weber and Jesse Magill (Year 12).

Endeavour: Angelique Bland (Year 6)

Discovery: Isobelle Moss (Year 7)

Endurance: Wira Thomson (Year 8)

High School Teacher: Mr Ballantyne

Primary Teacher: Mrs Nunn

Best Dressed: Bellah Hewett (Year 7)



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