Farewell Mr Suffolk

I’m sure you all saw the announcement last week on the purchase of 10.4 acres of land adjacent to the eastern boundary of the school. Whilst I will talk more in the coming months regarding plans for the new block, today I wanted to make special mention of our Business Manager, Mr Paul Suffolk, who has overseen the purchase of this land and been instrumental in navigating some of the challenges that presented themselves along the way.

As some of you may already be aware, our legendary Business Manager will leave us at the beginning of next term. Paul is heading back to his home state of Queensland. There is a wild rumour that he is moving to bolster support for the struggling Queensland Maroons, but that is unconfirmed at this point! But in all seriousness, since joining PCS at the beginning of 2014, Paul has been an incredible asset to the school. His expertise as an experienced accountant has been incredible, but in addition to that, Paul’s wise and considered approach to all things has been invaluable. I personally have loved working with Paul and greatly appreciate the support he has given me in my role as Principal. I know I’m not alone and parents, P&F, Board and staff are richer because of Paul’s Farewell Mr Suffolk From the Principal investment in them. On top of all that, he is a great bloke! From managing budgets to cooking BBQs; you will be so missed Paul.

On behalf of the entire PCS community, I would like to say thank you to Paul for the contribution he has made to this school and community over the past six years. We have been incredibly blessed through his work and pray God’s blessing over Paul, Jo and his family as they set off on a new adventure. What a good man he is.

Have a great week PCS.


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