Meet Year 12

Year 12 has had a great start to the 2020 school year, and we look forward to even more amazing things as the year goes on. They are a very close group of students in many ways but still have very distinct personalities.

After completing half their HSC last year, they now only have two more terms to go to complete their entire HSC and face the “real world”. They are already making plenty of plans and there are some very exciting things to come for these fine young adults in the future.

So far, they have excelled at the Swimming Carnival with Grace Prow making it all the way to State! Well done Grace. They have produced some excellent work in class and assessment tasks, they have been actively involved in school activities and had a great trip down to Melbourne for the Moomba Birdman Rally and Women’s Cricket World Cup at the MCG.

Sophie and Laura have continued to lead the school with distinction as school captains, with great support from Vice Captains Tanya and Joshua, and SRC reps Ally and Caleb.

While not being certain what school will look like for this class next term and beyond, we know that they will continue to be great ambassadors for our school and stay connected with each and support each other.

Greg Ballantyne and Donna Pepper,
Year Advisors.

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