Amazing Individuals!

Primary students are amazing individuals. Over the last two weeks they have adapted from learning within a classroom with their peers and classroom teachers to working at home or within the library using their chromebooks and resource packs independently.

Kindergarten students are still learning sounds and how to write sentences while at the other end of the primary school, the Year 6 students are continuing to learn how to enhance their persuasive writing. Education is still at the heart of PCS even when the location of learning changes.

The Primary school teachers have also adapted from teaching in front of a packed classroom to standing in front of a camera alone. With the majority of teachers being a people person or having an extroverted personality, we are really missing our classes full of students.

Primary teachers have improved their use of Google Classroom, while the K-2 teachers have had a crash course in filmmaking and Google Classroom with great success.

Personally, I will not be going for a job on Play School anytime soon, but to see the students continuing their education makes the nervous butterfly feeling to be on film worth it!

Parents thank you for all your encouraging words to the Primary teachers, it gives us confidence to keep putting ourselves on film and carrying on in our pursuit to do our best for all PCS students.

The evident blessing in all this change is how the school community has continued to come together united, to do our best for the education of the PCS students.

Remember primary students, you are amazing individuals no matter where you are learning!

From the Primary Coordinator

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