Sustainability at PCS

Who would have thought the arrival of garbage bins would be exciting? But it is! The school and SRC have together funded a project to improve waste management at PCS.

In 2019 a number of classes got their hands dirty as they sorted the contents of our skip to see what we throw away. Our waste collection included a LOT of recycling and green waste, so we decided the first place to start to change was in our classrooms!

Classrooms will soon have a red and yellow lidded bin to start sorting what we throw away and to send fewer materials to landfill. Many classrooms will also have green waste bins to collect green waste for our school compost system.

Our students are keen to see the school make a lighter tread on the beautiful earth God has created for us! Let’s make sure (when we are all back together) that we can do our best to. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!

Miss Harris and Mrs Nunn

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