Wow! What a start to this term for our HSC students studying subjects with a major work component. Last Friday students presented their Major Project pitches to a panel (Shark Tank style) via Zoom or in person. This allowed students to verbally give details about the scope of the works that need to be undertaken over the next several weeks. This process also allows for feedback giving students an opportunity to think about aspects sometimes hidden in the proposal stage of their projects.

Up to this point in time students studying the above subjects have been finishing off Year 11 projects and assessment work. Credit needs to be given to all students who have strived to give their best efforts even in the midst of some interruptions. I look forward to working with students regarding their major works, they all have amazing ideas and concepts that I know will challenge and reward them.

Here is some of the work students have been working on up to date.

Visual Arts

Students have been studying the Impressionists and Modernism, the artwork they created needed to communicate an emotion or feeling.It has been wonderful to see the skills of the Visual Arts students develop throughout the year and I’m sure they’ll do a great job with their Major Projects.