Double Streaming in Year 7

As a school, we are extremely excited to announce that our current Year 7 class has grown to a size that it is now necessary to double stream the class for all subjects.

Over the past couple of years we have streamed Year 7 and 8 English and Mathematics together, and this year we needed to separate these students for Technology Mandatory to ensure the class sizes were safe and practical.

The amount of growth we have achieved this year has been amazing considering the challenges schools have faced through the COVID-19 period. However, the hard work, dedication and creativity of our staff has ensured that we have continued to attract enrolments.

Our Year 7 class will be split into two streams, named 7H and 7M after their year advisors Miss Harris and Mrs Milne, from tomorrow. The streams have been created by splitting the students in an alternating alphabetical order. This means the first student goes into 7H, then the second in alphabetical order goes into 7M, and so on.

This shift has been made in order to provide more targeted, individual learning for all students within classes with fewer students, and to meet safety standards in subjects like Science. Double streaming this year has only been made possible thanks to the generosity of staff who have volunteered to take on extra lessons above and beyond their normal teaching loads for the short term until the timetable is restructured later in the year.

Double streaming classes is another major step for the school which has already achieved moving to Year 11 and 12, structuring Compressed Curriculum for the HSC, implementing Explicit Direct Instruction, reforming assessment and reporting procedures, completing numerous building and school improvement projects, and providing all students with Chromebooks within the last six years.

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