Visual Arts with Mrs Pepper

We have been having a very productive and fun time in Stage 4 and 5 Visual Arts throughout this semester. Stage 4 started the year by designing and making tile mosaics. They put a very pleasing amount of effort into preparing their own designs and then transforming their designs into artworks by breaking, cutting and glueing carefully chosen tiles. They developed some great skills during this time and achieved some wonderful results.

Our Stage 5 Visual Arts class commenced the year by investigating the work of Edgar Degas, particularly his chalk pastel works featuring ballerinas. Our students spent time developing their skills using chalk pastels, which was a medium that many of our students had not previously experienced. They learnt to sketch their designs using a gridding method, choose and apply colour and were able to create some wonderful results using blending and shading techniques.

Most recently, while our students have been mainly working at home, they have been focusing on developing their drawing skills using graphite. At school, we have also been working with charcoal and chalk to achieve a unique effect using shading and creating shadows and highlights. Our students are learning that anyone can draw! It is a skill that can be developed, and like any other skill, it just takes practice! They have achieved some great results, as you can see!

It is my prayer that through their study and engagement in the Visual Arts, students will come to understand and be amazed by the creativity of our God. God, who created all things, with such diversity, uniqueness and beauty created each one of us, including all our students, in His image. He created us to be creative! It is wonderful to see students confidently exploring their creativity, taking risks by having a go at new things and often surprising themselves with the wonderful results that they can achieve.

Donna Pepper

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