What are you known for?

When someone thinks of you what character traits come into their mind?

Last term Primary students investigated the Fruits of the Spirit – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Kindness and Self Control. They considered how they too can demonstrate these traits.

This term Primary students have been learning ‘How we can be like God’s Bible heroes today?’

Students have been investigating the character traits of different people of the Bible and considering how to show those traits today.

So far students have considered David, Joseph and Esther.

David was known for being the brave shepherd boy who had the courage to care for his father’s sheep against bears and lions. Students considered how we can demonstrate being brave to care and help others in need.

Joseph was known for forgiving those who placed him in bad situations. Joseph trusted God to make good things happen out of bad situations. Students considered how we can demonstrate forgiving others words or actions in the playground or classroom and see the good that could come in the future.

Esther spoke the truth and asked for help from the king even when she thought she may get into trouble. Students considered how we can speak the truth in all situations and ask for help at school even when it may not be popular.

Here at PCS education is our primary focus, however encouraging students to become the best version of themselves with positive character traits is also an important focus.

Imagine a school where capable students are known for being kind, truthful and brave. Students who look out for others and care for those in need. Students who are known for making a positive impact in any situation they find themselves in and the willingness to forgive someone’s thoughtless word or action and move on to greater things.

That is the Primary School the students of PCS are learning about and trying to become. What a fabulous character trait to be known for. Well done Primary students!

From the Primary Coordinator

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