Year 9/10 Advanced English

The Year 9/10 Advanced English class were asked to write a letter to Baz Lurhman to convince him to make The Alchemist a novel they have been studying into a film. Below are two excerpts from two very different perspectives.

The Alchemist has been a life-changing read for so many people, by helping them find their own personal legends.  Books are great and the written word is very powerful, but there are also many people who benefit from visual representation.  Your abilities in bringing together costuming, sound and set to tell a story are extraordinary.  You have the talent and the experience to help the message of The Alchemist reach millions.  I have no doubt the personal triumph that directing this film would bring you, and not to mention set your sights on that elusive Academy Award for Best Director.

Eric Paterson

I would highly recommend that you reconsider any thoughts of creating this film.  The book is not suited to film due to its irrelevance to the general population. It’s unimaginable themes will not engage most viewers.

Toby Field

In the second part of their assessment they were asked to write a short story inspired by the novel. Below is a selection of paragraphs from some of the stories.

I was so caught up in preparing the oasis for the guests that I missed their arrival. Mother had urged me to go gather water from the well, so I did. As I reached the well I saw two men sitting, waiting and looking. Looking at everybody that passed. It didn’t take me long to realise that they were a part of a new caravan that had just arrived. As I neared the well suddenly one of them approached me. I was shocked. Time seemed to stand still and something surged within me. We didn’t speak for a while but it still felt like we were talking.

Ashlee Ross

Olivia stood on her mark inside the shed waiting for the car to fully stop before running out onto pitlane and swapping Emma out. The car pulled up, Olivia could see the damage the flat tyre had done to the graphics of the car, it had smudged all around the tyre guard black. She could smell the burnt rubber, something she would never get sick of.

Nicholas Unger

Mrs Horsington

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